Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello..!  My name is Louis F. Serna and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have enjoyed many "vocations" during my life, and in 2012, at age 72, I decided that I would combine my interests / talents as an artist, historian, author and woodcarver, to learn the wonderful art of creating wood carved Santos and Bultos in the traditional old Spanish / New Mexico style. I was very fortunate to study and learn under the tutilage of Alcario Otero, renowned Master Santero of New Mexico and to work with other santeros such as Adan Carriaga, outstanding Santero of Albuquerque, who has built a beautiful Capilla in the rear of his Studio near Old Town Albuquerque. Adan, Alcario and others founded a Santero "school" which they call "La Escuelita de el Santo Nino de Atocha". Other friends  who are also santeros, some in training meet at the Escuelita regularly to carve, learn, and enjoy the company of others, dedicated to the art of santerismo.

In this blog, I am presenting some of the Bultos I have carved and painted, some in the traditional style and some in contemporary style. I hope you like them. If you would like to own a Bulto / Santo created in the style of old New Mexico, contact me at or my cell  (505) 933-3168 or home; (505) 291-0261.


  1. Dear Louis,

    I saw your work for the first time at the NM State Fair this past Wednesday (Sept.18). I was moved by the beauty and style of your work, and I was equally moved to read your story on this blog. Well done, sir! May your work continue to be a blessing and inspiration to others.


    Troy L. Buchleiter

    PS - I loved your San Francisco bulto!

    1. Thank you Troy..! At my age, this is certainly a "Work of Love" as I have no intention of "commercializing" my work. I have "gifted" many of my pieces, to friends and family and I just hope that others enjoy seeing my work as much as I enjoy creating my Santos..!